Trade Facilitation Centre, Varanasi

The design approach for the project was 'context-driven' based on the vision of the Ministry of textiles to develop the the indigeneous practices and traditions of the handloom and handicrafts of the Varanasi and the region. The idea was also to respond to the human senses by introducing user friendly materials which could excel in character, beauty, strength and durability.
The design intends to create connections between architecture and culture symbolism. it plays with subtle as well as dramatic interpretations of cultural elements in facades as well as spaces.
The most dramatic and even theatrical design element is the 'Joining Hands' created as the "Entrance Court". these structures created in the form of human hands are 15m high, gladded with the continuing patterns of Red sandstone, yellow teak sandstone and Gwalior mint Sandstone in a vertical arrangement. A neutral color palette, varied texture and grains of stones along with the dressed / polished combination of granites in the court yard gives a warm sense of arrival and offers on inviting ambience. 

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