Patna Airport

Patna Airport, Patna

The Patna Airport Terminal is designed to handle a maximum of 4.5 Million passengers and has 5 air bridges and 5 outside positions. The intent was to use the small land piece available optimally. Strategies were formulated to facilitate a seamless yet controlled passenger flow with enhanced experiences.

The design evolves by generating moduls based on a rectangular column grid system to create spaces which are flexible and easily adaptable to different programs and activities. The roof is modulated to create a system f patterns which could enhance the experience of the user. The built form is intrested by various internal courtyards which are adorned with geometrical patterns based on the traditional art of Madhubani.

One of the most striking features is ceiling of the departure hall. Each grid of 36X36m is holding one squared ceiling structure in a shape of an inverse pyramid or an abstract mushroom. The project thus explores a 'minimalist approach' through structural and material expression.

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