IIT Ropar

IIT Ropar, Punjab

The campus planned in area of 400 acres is designed in three distinct zones: Academic blocks, hostels and residential areas. The Academic blocks are centrly located on the main spine.
Each department is defined spatially in terms of its public and semi-public realms integrated with the hierarchy of open, semi-covered and closed spaces. All the common facilities are centrly located and shared by the departments.
Since the site is vulnerable to flooding during rains, an earthen bund has been provided to protect the site.
Vehicular traffic is mainly confined to the periphery leaving the internal environment free of traffic. Independent gates are provided for different zones for easy flow of traffic. The campus s designed on the 'green lines' with the following strategies being formulated and implementd:

Sustainable Site Planning
  • More than 50% of the ltotal area under the existing tree clusters will be preserved and the total tree cover on the site will be increased by 25%.
  • Hard paving is minimized on the site and landscape area interspersed between the clusters is increased to minimize outdoor ambient air temperature.
  • Sustainable Urban Drainages system will be installed in the form of swales and collection pond.
  • Not-motorized transport friendly campus. Universclly accessible footpaths, Cycle tracks, Parking and benches are provided to facilitate pedestrians and encourage walking/cycling on campus.
Water Efficiency
  • Project plans to reduce the annual water demand by 28% through wastewater management and rain water harvesting methods.
  • Low-flow fixtures to be installed in the building.
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